The Beauty Benefits of IV Infusion Therapy

Properly hydrating is the single best thing you can do for your skin, and for your health in general. Since the body is primarily composed of water, it requires a constant supply to function at optimum efficiency. If you are mildly dehydrated over long periods of time, you risk your skin drying out, developing dark circles under your eyes and your hair losing its shine — not to mention the effects dehydration can have on your mental well-being. We covered some of these effects in our last blog on dehydration, and today we are going into detail on the specific beauty benefits of IV infusion therapy.  

IV infusion therapy, dubbed a celebrity beauty secret, offers a number of benefits specific to appearance on top of mental benefits like acuity, clarity and enhanced energy levels. Seemingly ageless celebrities like Rihanna, Madonna and Rita Ora swear by IV infusion therapy because of these effects.  

IV infusion therapy’s beauty benefits include: 

Youthful, Glowing Skin 

The link between ingesting enough water and healthy skin is well-established. Without proper hydration, skin becomes dry and prone to breakouts. Dehydration can also exacerbate rashes and eczema and contribute to wrinkles. One of the main functions of water is the removal of toxins from the epidermis, which is why being properly hydrated can contribute to a youthful glow on top of preventing dry skin and any other issues that might arise from dehydration.  

Healthier Hair & Nails 

The same link that exists between water and skin exists between water and healthy hair and nails. Dry hair and brittle nails are a result of poor hydration and nutrition and trying to deal with these conditions using topical treatments is simply not effective. By treating the root cause of unhealthy hair and nails — dehydration — you will see immediate results. IV infusion therapy not only serves to rehydrate your hair and nails, it also delivers essential vitamins and nutrients to boost those body parts.  

Supports Weight Loss 

Maintaining proper hydration is critical to achieving healthy weight loss. In order for your body to properly recover and function efficiently after exercise, it’s important to rehydrate. In addition, proper hydration works to naturally suppress your appetite, eliminate hunger pains (which are often in truth thirst pains), boost your metabolism, improve your digestive system and enhance your energy levels allowing you to work harder and burn more calories.  

There is no denying that staying properly hydrated helps your body function as it should. If you live a busy, high-stress lifestyle, it can be difficult to maintain your fluid levels. IV infusion therapy is the solution. If you seek youthful, glowing skin, beautiful hair and nails and an instant full-body boost, IV infusion therapy could be right for you.  

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