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Have all the perks of working for yourself with none of the headaches of running your own business

Work for yourself and create financial freedom by joining the Hydreight team today.

Members within Hydreight’s private medical network can feel secure providing mobile wellness services knowing that Hydreight has it all covered:

  • Corporate practice of medicine laws
  • Members join The Hydreight Medical Network, no need to form an LLC 
  • Finding a Medical Director
  • Medical liability insurance 
  • 503 B pharmacy ordering/delivery
  • Pharmaceutical IV Menu written by a doctor of pharmacy
  • Aesthetics copyrighted service procedure forms, botox, fillers etc
  • Physician to service telemedicine calls (if necessary)
  • Service provider hiring process
  • Onboarding/training or legal employee contracts
  • Groundbreaking Uber style mobile medicine app
  • Marketing or lead/client generation
  • Medical brand or website
  • Payroll structure
  • Accounting reporting structure

See what people are saying about Hydreight

Anita Farrelly – MBA/HCM, BSN, RN

Anita is business partner that has set up multiple locations with Hydreight. She is one of our most successful business partners. This is what she had to say about Hydreight:

Prior to using the Hydreight technology, I was trying to ‘DIY’ my business. I knew I wanted to help people with IV Vitamin Therapy, but I was struggling with managing multiple platforms, from billing, booking, charting, ordering, insurance, inventory, and operational workflows. I knew I wanted to make the client and IV specialist experience easy, so we could focus on outcomes. But I didn’t want to be spending all of my time figuring out how to be an expert in the technology! When I discovered the Hydreight platform, I successfully launched my business and have a team of amazing nurses, providing professional and high quality services, all from the ease of the Hydreight App. As an RN, with the desire to make a difference, this has been the best decision ever.

Hydreight is a medical network but also take a look at some of the tech features.

Hydreight Compliance

Hydreight Telemedicine

Some of our partners: