Celebrities Who Use IV Infusion Therapy 

IV infusion therapy has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. In our blog, The Rise of IV Infusion Therapy, we shared the latest stats that estimated the global market for the service is projected to reach $29 billion by 2021. People are starting to realize that IV drips are a valuable tool both inside and outside of the emergency room. Like many trends, IV infusion therapy gained steam when Hollywood stars and starlets adopted the practice. Celebrities love IV infusion therapy for the health and beauty benefits it provides, as well as for its restorative and energy-boosting properties.  

Here’s a list of A-listers who take advantage of the many benefits of IV infusion therapy to say at the top of their game: 


Adele famously got a boost from IV vitamin infusions to get her through eight nights of performances at LA’s Staples Center. The antioxidants in IV drips are especially beneficial for singers, preventing bacteria from building up on their vocal cords.  

Chrissy Teigen  

The stunning Chrissy Teigen swears by IV therapy. Her flawless complexion and long, luscious locks are a testament to the service’s beauty benefits. Chrissy shared her beauty secret on Instagram in 2017, with the caption, “hello body meet vitamins”.  

Cindi Crawford 

Another of America’s most beautiful people, the lovely Cindy Crawford reportedly treats herself to IV infusion therapy on occasion. 

John Legend  

John takes Chrissy’s lead and also enjoys an IV drip on occasion. The service’s many benefits are particularly well-suited to his career as a singer, bolstering his immune system against infection.  

Jane Fonda  

Jane Fonda may be 80 years old, but the starlet could pass for 50! The actress is reputed to love IV therapy for the benefits the service has on aging. 

Lily Tomlin  

Another seemingly ageless actress, Lily Tomlin may be 79, but she could also pass for 50! Lily reportedly attends the same clinic as Jane to get IV drips.  


When Rihanna tweeted a picture of her vitamin IV drip, the image was met with much controversy. The singer was unabashed and extolls the benefits of IV therapy for the busy career-woman (such as she!).  

The celebrities have spoken! IV infusion therapy can be tremendously beneficial, especially if you live a high-powered, fast-paced lifestyle.  

To learn more about IV infusion therapy, read our blog The Science Behind the Service 

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