The Effects of Caffeine and Alcohol 

You work hard, you play hard, and chances are you imbibe your fair share of caffeine and alcohol while you are at it. These two substances are notorious for fueling our day to day lives. Unfortunately, they take their toll on our physiology. Once the immediate effects of these substances have dissipated, one can be left feeling burnt out and tired. But why is that?  

Caffeine, Alcohol, and Dehydration 

The main reason for these adverse effects is dehydration. Both caffeine and alcohol are diuretics. In other words, they promote increased urination. Consuming too much of either substance (or both!) can lead to a fluid imbalance in your body. Symptoms of dehydration include weakness, headaches, sleepiness, and irritability to name a few.  

To put things in perspective, consuming as little as 1 ¾ ounces of alcohol can lead to a loss of 32 ounces of fluid in the form of urine. That’s 18x the amount of alcohol ingested! With caffeine, the risk for dehydration is lower, as the fluids consumed in a caffeinated beverage offset any fluids lost through dehydration. That said, drinking too much caffeine can contribute to overall dehydration, especially when used in conjunction with alcohol. 

Secondary Effects of Caffeine and Alcohol 

When consumed to excess, caffeine and alcohol also cause nausea which, of course, can lead to vomiting. Throwing up is extremely dehydrating for obvious reasons — you are losing massive amounts of fluid all at once. It’s well-known that drinking too much alcohol can lead to vomiting. This reaction can also be triggered by drinking too much coffee. If you drink more than seven cups of coffee a day, chances are it will make you feel nauseous. So, what can you do to combat these effects?  

IV Infusion Therapy for Caffeine and Alcohol 

While drinking water is always a good idea, in times of extreme dehydration, it won’t do much to help you right away. It takes approximately two hours for the body to fully absorb ingested water, and in the process, you lose about half of it. As a result, drinking water for your hangover won’t make you feel better now. It will make you feel better later, but what if you need a solution right away?  

IV infusion therapy offers an immediate solution to dehydration and its many adverse effects. An IV delivers essential fluids, electrolytes, and nutrients directly into your bloodstream, all of which are 100% absorbed by your body. What this means is you can recover from the effects of dehydration in the time it takes to get an infusion (on average, 45 minutes). If your lifestyle has you up early drinking loads of caffeine and up late indulging in cocktails on the regular, chances are you are dehydrated.  

Treat your dehydration and feel better, faster, with IV infusion therapy. Hydreight’s mobile IV infusion therapy service comes to you, wherever you are. Download the Hydreight app to book an IV Specialist near you today!  

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