Hydreight FOR Existing Businesses

Become a bookable business on Hydreight

Become a bookable business on Hydreight

With Hydreight, your business can be booked at a facility only or it can also include callout booking functionality.

Download the Business PDF’s, then fill out this form.

Have you an existing IV business but don’t have an app? Hydreight is the answer you are looking for.

Hydreight can have your branded business pushed live and available for bookings with Hydreight’s extensive customer base same day as sign up.

The Hydreight technology gives your business limitless potential.

Hydreight not only gives you technology to grow your business but we market and advertise specifically in your area and drive customers to your business.

No setup fee, no monthly fees, no hidden fees of any kind for you or your customers

How does it work?

Speak to one of our sales representatives about your requirements.

We add your branding, menu, facilities and existing IV Therapy Specialists to the app. Our marketing team can help you inform your customers about the app which is available now in the Play Store and App Store.

Your business appears in search results immediately.

Hydreight markets in your area and drives traffic to your business and you don’t have to do anything

New Customers

As a business on Hydreight you will reap the rewards of our marketing team driving downloads of the app in your business area.

The Hydreight app makes booking an appointment for an iv service convenient and user friendly for existing and new customers where your business will see an immediate increase in sales volume.

Hydreight does all the heavy lifting!


Hydreight allows you to promote events in your local area. In cooperation with our sales team you can set up a local event and we will make sure any customer in your area sees it in the app.

This is undoubtedly a great way to get drive sales to your business.