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Process any credit card for 1.99% with no transaction fees!

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Hydreight boast’s the lowest merchant processing rates in the industry

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Hydreight integrates quickly and easily with any business in the medical industry.

Merchant Processing

Whether as a Hydreight partner or as an independent medical enterprise, starting or managing your own business is a major milestone. You’ll want to cover all bases and that includes ensuring that you are equipped for credit card services.

As in any enterprise in today’s digitally enabled medical and wellness industry, having a reliable merchant processing partner is crucial to longevity in the business. While cash remains king, cashless transactions, particularly for medical services, have become the norm.

Before choosing a medical service provider, many patients and client’s factor in their payment options. Being able to pay through credit or debit cards has an impact on the growth of your client base and consequently, on your bottom line.

What Does A Merchant Service Provider Do?

A trusted merchant service provider will allow you to accept credit and debit cards payments, which is a preferred mode of payment for many patients, especially for services that can be booked online.
These transactions are completed through a secure and encrypted medium using the client’s or patient’s credit or debit card or an NFC/RFID authorized machine.

What Should You Look For In Your Advanced Merchant Services Provider?


The credit card merchant services provider you choose reflects the kind of service that you deliver to your patients and clients. Maintaining a client relationship is a painstaking process. Make sure that your provider shares the same values and commitment when it comes to protecting your clients’ identity and financial information.

Thorough understanding of the industry.

A dentist or a Hydreight area business partner will process payments differently compared to a retailer. Bulk, recurring or one-time billing options are among the payment considerations that a merchant service provider must expertly provide.

Ability to deliver excellent service support.

Your merchant service provider is also your business partner. They should be ready to provide support, as needed, to ensure that your own service delivery process remains seamless.

Reasonable rates.

Some providers take advantage of increased volume in credit card processing to hike up rates. In effect, you end up paying more even while you earn more. Choose a merchant services partner who will enable you to grow your business.

What Can Hydreight Credit Card Processing Do For You?

As your merchant service provider, we will process any credit card for 1.99% with no transaction fees. With our competitive rate, you can save thousands of dollars without compromising the security and reliability of your financial transactions.

Our merchant processing rate is the lowest in the industry and our credit card processing system integrates quickly and easily with any business in the medical industry. Whether you are just starting out or re-evaluating your current provider’s rates and services, we can help you.

Why choose us?

We understand what it’s like to be a start-up or a small to medium enterprise. We offer a reliable service that is fair and reasonable—a win-win situation for the industry.
We know each business is different. Send us an e-mail at processing@hydreight.com to request a call. Set-up is quick, easy and best of all, FREE.