3 Ways to Treat Inflammation

Inflammation is your body’s way of protecting itself. When you are injured or exposed to infection, your immune system triggers an inflammatory response. This response gives the body time and space to repair damaged tissue and heal wounds. However, if you are repeatedly exposed to inflammation, you are at increased risk of developing certain long-term conditions.

Athletes, gardeners, and anyone who does repetitive work understand the dangers of inflammation. When it occurs in excess, the body’s natural balance is offset. Chronic issues such as arthritis and ulcers can result. Fortunately, there are things you can do to deal with inflammation and restore your body’s balance.

Here are three ways to treat inflammation and prevent long-term health issues:

1. Anti-inflammatory foods

Eating anti-inflammatory foods can help keep inflammation levels in check in the body. Even adding small amounts of these foods to your diet can have a big effect. Some easy anti-inflammatory foods to eat include dark leafy vegetables, fresh fruit, kidney beans, nuts, seeds, wild fish, and, of course, lots of water.

2. Vitamin D

Low levels of vitamin D can lead to chronic inflammation problems. Vitamin D has proven anti-inflammatory effect in the body, so taking supplements can help alleviate these issues. Incorporating vitamin D rich foods in your diet like fish, soy milk, cheese, and egg yolks can also help.

3. IV Infusion Therapy

IV therapy can offer quick relief from inflammation by supplementing and stimulating the body’s production of antioxidants, delivering vitamins (like vitamin D) directly to the bloodstream, and increasing circulation. An IV drip is especially helpful in cases of inflamed gut, bladder, and arthritis, and can help speed athletes’ recovery from strenuous activity.

Inflammation can occur as a result of any number of activities, injuries, and health conditions. These three strategies can help not only treat but eliminate symptoms of inflammation altogether. Between eating a balanced diet, taking supplements, and IV infusion therapy, it is possible to effectively treat and reverse the effects of inflammation.

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