IV Infusion Therapy: Fact vs. Fiction

A quick google search will kick back a profusion of articles on IV infusion therapy extolling its pros and cons. Some report on the many benefits of IV infusion therapy, while others call it a hoax. With so much contradictory information out there, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction.  

The truth is there is no shortage of medical research to back the effectiveness of IV infusion therapy. The practice has been used for years in hospitals to deliver essential hydration, nutrients, and medication directly to patients’ bloodstreams. Not only is this method safe, but it’s also extremely effective as 100% of the nutrients delivered are absorbed by the body at a cellular level.  

Here are five common fictions you may have heard about IV infusion therapy, and the real facts on the matter:  

Fiction #1 – IV Infusion Therapy is Dangerous & Experimental  

The truth is IV infusion therapy is as safe as getting an IV at the hospital. It’s not dangerous or experimental — IVs have been used in medical settings for years. It’s a safe and simple process that employs the same solutions used in hospitals the world over. There are no adverse reactions to the process. You might experience a slight cooling of the arm or a mineral taste in your mouth, but other than that, the only effects will be beneficial.  

Fiction #2 – IV Infusion Therapy Doesn’t Help Flu Symptoms  

While it is not always possible to prevent a cold or the flu, IV infusion therapy can help with their symptoms. When you are sick, your body often becomes dehydrated due to a rapid loss of fluids. As a result, symptoms like headache and nausea are aggravated. IV infusion therapy works quickly to restore those lost fluids as well as deliver essential nutrients that can help speed the recovery process. IV infusion therapy can also help reinforce your immune system over time.  

Fiction #3 – IV Infusion Therapy Should Only Be for Sick People  

Though traditionally employed in medical settings, IV infusion therapy can be beneficial to all sorts of people. If you live an active, healthy lifestyle, IV therapy can help you recover quickly from strenuous workouts, dehydration, and fatigue. In fact, there are specific IV solutions designed for just this purpose. For example, Hydreight’s Power House treatment contains amino acids and electrolytes to aid expedite recovery after performance.  

Fiction #4 – IV Infusion Therapy is Painful  

Getting an IV drip is largely painless. You will experience a slight pinch when the needle is inserted, but other than that, there is nothing painful about it. Discomfort can vary from person to person depending how sensitive you are to needle insertion. That said, needle insertion takes all of a few seconds, after which you will be able to relax and enjoy forty-five minutes or so of downtime as your IV drip is administered.  

Fiction #5 – IV Infusion Therapy is Less Effective than Ingesting Nutrients  

IV infusion therapy is actually more effective than ingesting nutrients orally. That’s not to say that eating a healthy, balanced diet isn’t beneficial for your health, but rather that IV drips can provide additional health benefits to complement a healthy diet. With ingestion, it takes a long time for your body to transform the food you eat into nutrients and energy, and that food loses some of its potency along the way. With IV therapy, your body absorbs all of the nutrients provided as they are delivered directly into your bloodstream.  

Although the media may express differing opinions on IV infusion therapy, the facts are clear. This type of treatment is scientifically-based and can alleviate all sorts of common afflictions like headaches, fatigue, and, of course, dehydration. If you would like to learn more about how it works and who it’s for, explore more articles here. If you’re interested in booking a service, download the Hydreight app here.  


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