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Hydreight’s revolutionary turn-key solution!

We empower nurses across America by giving them the ability to operate their own mobile wellness business with ease and without any of the traditional Challenges of running your own business.
Work for yourself today with Hydreight!

Join the Hydreight medical network today.

Thank you for your interest in Hydreight. A member of the Hydreight team will call you as soon as possible for a discovery call, and discuss your journey to becoming your own boss within the Hydreight medical network.

Work for yourself and create financial freedom with Hydreight today.

Let Hydreight take care of all the heavy lifting so that you can save time, save money, mitigate risk, increase revenue, and streamline your mobile wellness business.

Members within Hydreight’s private medical network can feel secure providing mobile wellness services knowing that Hydreight has it all covered:
  • Corporate practice of medicine laws (business partners are covered under our corporate structure)
  • Members join The Hydreight Medical Network, no need to form an LLC 
  • Finding a and securing a licensed Medical Director
  • Medical liability insurance with 100% medical malpractice coverage 
  • 503 B pharmacy ordering/delivery
  • Pharmaceutical IV Menu written by a doctor of pharmacy
  • Aesthetics copyrighted service procedure forms, botox, fillers etc
  • Physician to service telemedicine calls (if necessary)
  • Service provider hiring process
  • Onboarding/training or legal employee contracts
  • Groundbreaking Uber style mobile medicine app
  • Patient medical charting software
  • Client/patient booking system and payment processing
  • Staff scheduling and payroll structure
  • Accounting reporting structure

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See what people are saying about Hydreight
Anita Farrelly, MBA/HCM, BSN, RN
Hydreight Scottsdale/Phoenix

Prior to using the Hydreight technology, I was trying to ‘DIY’ my business. I knew I wanted to help people with IV Vitamin Therapy, but I was struggling with managing multiple platforms, from billing, booking, charting, ordering, insurance, inventory, and operational workflows. I knew I wanted to make the client and IV specialist experience easy, so we could focus on outcomes. But I didn’t want to be spending all of my time figuring out how to be an expert in the technology! When I discovered the Hydreight platform, I successfully launched my business and have a team of amazing nurses, providing professional and high quality services, all from the ease of the Hydreight App. As an RN, with the desire to make a difference, this has been the best decision ever.

Monica and Zeke
Rescue Nurse IV, Las Vegas

Our experience with Hydreight has been outstanding! The Hydreight team is there to help you every step of the way. Whether you just have questions about processes and procedures, suggestions for marketing, or shipping issues, they are quick to answer any questions or resolve any issues. The webinars are super informative. The support has been amazing! And best of all…we made back more than our annual fee in under 2 hours! Working with Hydreight has been an excellent investment for our future!

Jessica Friedman
Hydreight Palm Beach, FL

I highly recommend this organization to any medical business or professional that is seeking an opportunity to join the growing mobile medicine industry. Hydreight® is the perfect partner to keep you steps ahead of the competition, and dominate the wellness community in your area.

Hydreight tech features

Hydreight is a medical network but we also have a cutting edge mobile app available on iOS and Android, with many many technical features to use in your business.

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