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Hydreight® connects patients, doctors and healthcare professionals like never before. Click on the button below to find out more.


The Hydreight® platform connects medical business owners and patients in a completely innovative and unique way. Click on the button below to find out more.


The Hydreight® Plaform is built with Compliance at its core

What our clients say

Anita Farrelly, MBA/HCM, BSN, RN
Hydreight Scottsdale/Phoenix

Prior to using the Hydreight technology, I was trying to ‘DIY’ my business. I knew I wanted to help people with IV Vitamin Therapy, but I was struggling with managing multiple platforms, from billing, booking, charting, ordering, insurance, inventory, and operational workflows. I knew I wanted to make the client and IV specialist experience easy, so we could focus on outcomes. But I didn’t want to be spending all of my time figuring out how to be an expert in the technology.

Jessica Friedman
Hydreight Palm Beach, FL

The Hydreight App and business model is built with success in mind. This comprehensive platform allows for inventory acquisition and management, easy patient care options such as charting and telemedicine, and management of back office tasks including, but not limited to employee payouts. I highly recommend this organization to any medical business or professional that is seeking an opportunity to join the growing mobile medicine industry. Hydreight is the perfect partner to keep you steps ahead of the competition, and dominate the wellness community in your area.

Corey May
Hydreight Cleveland

As an entrepreneur with no prior medical background I would just like to thank the staff at Hydreight® for all the knowledge they gave me to make my business successful. Prior to the app that Hydreight® provided me I was lucky to do a few ivs per week. Now with the help of marketing, back office support and the Hydreight® team my business is doing so well I have expanded into two additional areas with Hydreight®. Thanks for the great support and the educational tools I needed to get my business to the next level!

Easy to use

We have focused considerable attention to making our Hydreight® app efficient and stress-free for our specialists.

Hydreight® updates the client of the specialists ETA and handles many form of payments so the specialist can focus on the important stuff.

When a specialist arrives on-site the app has simple steps to:

  • Get medical consent
  • Record vital signs
  • Scan inventory being used
  • Telemedicine call
  • Add and remove clients
  • Upgrade a booking
  • Add coupon codes
  • Process payment

Hydreight® has revolutionized the overly priced and out dated med spa franchise industry.

Potential business owners can finally enter the health and wellness space affordably and begin operating fully supported by the Hydreight® brand and its turn key model.

Technology and Mobility is the future of health and wellness.

Med Spa franchises routinely command upwards of $100k for only part of what Hydreight® provides


Hydreight®’s telemedicine features gives our business partners the ability to offer and carry out highly regulated and compliant procedures using the Hydreight® software to document every step and offer the highest standard of care possible.

Hydreight® connects patients, doctors and healthcare professionals like never before. With the Hydreight® app Mobile medicine has not only just become possible it has become easy, safe and fully compliant.

Hydreight®s proprietary service flow documentation in conjunction with its built-in telemedicine and E-script features allows our premier business partners to offer an unlimited amount of medical services mobily.