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How does it work?

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As a business partner, you operate your own mobile medical business under the Hydreight brand.

This could be your IV hydration therapy business appearing in search results immediately.

What does Hydreight provide

  • Software training
  • Use of Branding
  • Business Insurance
  • Software and App
  • Gold standard medical inventory
  • Full training for your medical specialists
  • Access to Hydreight partner portal
  • Branded equipment for Events
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Customer Support


Hydreight supplies industry leading IV infusion therapy formulations of the highest quality. Hydreight has a distribution network across the country and can supply you with a best in industry product.

Inventory tracking, management and re-ordering is all handled by the app.

Easy to use

We have paid a lot of attention to making our app as easy to use as possible for our specialists.

When specialists arrive on site, it is simple for them to get medical consent, record BP & BPM, add/remove clients, upgrade a booking, add coupon codes, and (of course) take payment.

User friendly interface

Control your entire business with Hydreight’s back-office

With Hydreight’s back-office you can control all aspects of your IV hydration business including staff payouts, inventory, pricing, travel fees, coupons, memberships and rewards clubs lists.

Hydreight is not just a mobile app; we also provide a powerful back-office purposely built for the IV infusion therapy industry.

Check your sales in real time

With Hydreight you get a complete view of how your business is doing. All your upcoming bookings, cancellations, completed bookings and more are all in one place.

You can see all your upcoming bookings and completed sales in real time.


Add your own membership plans with Hydreight.

You can set your own tailored membership plans and earn regular revenue. Your clients will love getting discounted services and you get regular guaranteed revenue.

Earn regular revenue with Hydreight memberships

Business partner testimony

As an entrepreneur with no prior medical background I would just like to thank the staff at Hydreight for all the knowledge they gave me to make my business successful. Prior to the app that Hydreight provided me I was lucky to do a few ivs per week.

Now with the help of marketing, back office support and the Hydreight team my business is doing so well I have expanded into two additional areas with Hydreight. Thanks for the great support and the educational tools I needed to get my business to the next level!

Corey May
Hydreight Business Partner, Cleveland, Ohio